Technology for modern factory management

Innovative solutions to recent critical issues impacted the business world.
The modern factory management is based on the concept of a digitized and end-to-end connected company. Nowadays the offer of planning and production management solutions is wide. But still it is just made of platforms dedicated to particular business processes, losing sight of the importance of connecting all of them.
Hence the need for a modular and integrated solution, allowing a complete connection of the supply chain to improve its efficiency and productivity.
This is the goal of Digitalsoft’s d-one platform, which was created to allow innovation and digitization of the supply chain. d-one includes three main modules: Integrated Business Planning, dedicated to the entire planning phase; Smart Factory, for the modern and intelligent management of the production process; IoT, for the interconnection of devices, products and services.

The solutions of criticalities

Recently the business world has been impacted by some critical issues regarding times, constraints, activities and costs. Such criticalities have intensified during the pandemic.
The solution lies in the innovative concept of the end-to-end connected supply chain management, that integrates business systems and processes ensuring maximum production efficiency.
A great example is the Visual Factory, allowing a real-time control of the entire production process as well as a proactive and prompt prediction of any critical issues. Thanks to Lean Manufacturing concepts application, processes’ digitization, Pull logics adoption and cobots integration, the end-to-end production and logistics flows are significantly optimized.

Visual Board

Digitalsoft expertise

Our vast experience in ‘mission-critical’ environments (like Automotive and Pharma) combined with technology, IT and supply chain expertise and Italian design, let us to create an innovative and intuitive platform, capable of guiding companies towards the factory of the future.
The application of advanced technologies, such as machine learning and smart algorithms, enable future demand prediction, production plan optimization and different market scenarios simulation. Moreover, Big Data and Analytics guarantee the availability of all data in real time, allowing full traceability of products and operations.
Among the benefits recognized by Digitalsoft customers we have efficiency and performance increase, service level improvement and the inventory reduction: “An impressive, measurable evolution of the business”.

The perfect combo

Innovation and intuitiveness: italian design
The combination of Italian design and modern digital technologies allowed Digitalsoft to create an intuitive and innovative platform, among the 10 world’s best. As Emiliano Zappacosta, Chief Design Officer of Digitalsoft, recalls: “Today we are able to compete with major players on a global level thanks to products designed to provide an excellent user experience: a simple, connected and intuitive interaction for modern business management. Creativity, fluidity, and a constant search for simplicity are the keywords of our company’s work. And, as they say “Less is more!”.
Emiliano Zappacosta
Emiliano Zappacosta


What will the “factory” of the future be like

The factory of the future is increasingly interconnected and ensures full business integration through optimized end-to-end processes. The benefits are many: greater efficiency, better operability, and cost reduction. Digital transformation takes the opportunity to innovate the business’ processes, using advanced technologies, such as AI / ML and Big Data, in order to improve quality, speed, efficiency and flexibility.

The company

Italian heart and international reach.

Digitalsoft is a company with an Italian heart and a recent strong global expansion. Together with the Pescara headquarter, we also have offices in Turin, Dubai, Madurai, Atlanta and Shanghai.
Our team of international talents, motivated by a strong passion, constantly collaborates to create software solutions capable of connecting and empowering companies, making them competitive, efficient and sustainable.
Hence the mission of “We connect and empower the world of business”.
Digitalsoft accompanies its customers step by step towards digital transformation, using digital technologies to innovate and optimize business’ processes.

Over 25,000 SMEs in cloud with Giobby

The digitization of SMEs in Italy

The latest innovative technologies are now available also to small and medium-sized enterprises. More and more SMEs are adopting cloud applications to expand their business, manage activities anytime and anywhere and to collaborate in real time with their team, customers and suppliers. “Cloud” comes from the concept of cloud computing, and stands for the creation of an IT service capable of storing, processing and transmitting data via the internet. The advantages of a cloud management software are many and are all included into, the intuitive cloud management software by Digitalsoft, designed for companies and professionals. It includes features for sales, purchasing, inventory and accounting management, integrating CRM with project management. It also enables efficient and integrated management through web app and mobile.

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