Planning & execution:
Why embrace Digital?

Stop trying to manage unknown-uncertainty and start managing known-variability
digital planning and execution transformation
The pursuit of digital autonomy in planning and execution brings significant improvements. Building your organizational capabilities, and not just systems functionality, requires extensive expertise in both lean enterprise systems and technology. To make a real impact on performance, you have to work at the enterprise operational systems level.
Effective Digital planning and execution progressively create a resilient and responsive enterprise ecosystem. Our goal is to Connect & Empower businesses. With Digitalsoft, your organization will stop trying to manage unknown-uncertainty and start managing known-variability.

Common challenges & risks

Overcoming resistance to change

  • Understanding the organization maturity level from people, system and process perspective
  • Having the right organization structure

Why embrace Digital

Getting the most out of your assets: people, systems, machines

  • Making more effective decisions. Play to your ERP’s core strengths: ERP is a system of record, don’t try to “fit a square peg in a round hole”
  • Predicting enterprise performance over a longer timeframe – from 1-3 months, to 12-18 months

The keys to success

Self-reflection: assess processes, systems and skills

  1. Empowering your organization: deploying sales, inventory & operations planning
  2. Effectively managing complexity – large number of SKUs
  3. Effectively managing large volume of data
  4. Leveraging technology to better predict customer demand
  5. Leveraging technology to better manage the supply plan – switch to respond-planning
  6. Sweating your assets: effective constraints-management and asset utilisation
Siop dashboard and RCCP

Best Practice

Digitalsoft uses 8 steps to improve outcome, performance, productivity and efficiency. We help organizations build differentiated capabilities at the value-chain and organizational level.

  1. Clearly define performance and outcome expectations for your business. Both short and long term.
  2. Using a word class digital planning and execution maturity assessment tool, establish a baseline and the journey roadmap.
  3. Establish a culture of ‘Continuous Improvement’ by implementing proven S&OP practices and deploying lean concepts.
  4. Connect and empower your organization. A digital application platform like d-one, boosts cross-functional collaboration, brings actionable insights and focus on KPIs.
  5. Deploy standard-work practices digitally to promote cross-functional responsibility and accountability.
  6. Go slow to go fast. Implement the most suitable digital capabilities to match the maturity journey. Capability is more important than functionality when it comes to choosing digital applications.
  7. Partner with Subject Matter Experts to support Delivery & upskilling. Dedicated delivery specialists ensure rapid and successful capabilities implementation.
  8. Sustain performance post implementation by leveraging the available supply chain and lean enterprise systems experts.

Why are we different?

Whatever your current digital planning and execution organizational maturity level, we make sure that you meet and exceed your objectives. We believe in a ‘discovery-based’ and a progressive digital transformation approach. We help you diagnose, document, and unlock the full potential of your enterprise.

Digitalsoft unique approach to reaching Industry 4.0 and Future Factory status, rests on the following pillars:

  • We are leading edge technologists with Italian design and User Experience (UX) heritage
  • We have walked in your shoes: our founders all come with extensive industry experience.
  • We implement both S&OP and S&OE for resilience planning. We are one of very few solution providers that combine planning and execution, seamlessly integrating high level planning with factory shop-floor scheduling and shipping.

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