Forging Strategic Partnerships in the tech industry

No company is an island. In a completely interconnected world, networking is the lifeblood of businesses. That is why we believe that a partnership is always a ‘win-win’ choice.

According to The State of Partner Ops & Programs, a 2022 Report of HubSpot:

  • 65% of organizations view partnerships as essential to their future growth.
  • 50% of organizations attribute 26% or more of their revenue to partners.

Accordingly, finding the right partner can make a difference!

The best partnerships are the ones where companies can efficiently combine each other’s solutions to benefit their customers. Indeed, a successful partnership allows a company to:

  • Avoid spending time and money on the development of new products that do not belong to your core and are not fitting your roadmap, and which may have uncertain success.
  • Expand the target market, opening to new customer segments.
  • Offer a more complete user experience that adds value to their customers.
  • Improve brand recognition, by collaborating with other important companies in your industry.

Digitalsoft’s vision of partnerships

When it comes to Technology innovation, at Digitalsoft we believe that collaborating with other innovators to co-create value is key to being successful.

By leveraging d-one’s capabilities our Partners are able to address specific needs they might have to face with their customers. How? Find below some examples:

  • Technology innovators (providing solutions like ERP, TMS, automation hardware, etc) can combine their tools with the complete set of functionalities for APS, MES, and WMS offered by d-one. By profiting from this compatible adds-on they can help their customers not only by addressing their current challenges but also by supporting them in scaling up.
  • Software integrators will no longer have to struggle in finding the right provider for specific customers’ needs or in dealing with integration barriers. d-one is composed of natively integrated modules and leverages IoT and a complete set of APIs to easily integrate with the existing systems and devices in use. All to enable end-to-end connection and efficiency increase.
  • Business & Supply Chain Consultants can support and facilitate the implementation of their process improvements with d-one. Indeed, the platform is designed by supply chain experts to enable key processes like S&O Planning and Lean Manufacturing. Moreover, thanks to its modularity and to a set of configurable parameters, it can easily adapt to the specific workflow of the customer, no matter the industry or the size.
We search for complementary partners to help us providing our customers with the right solution and service to support them effectively in the entire digital journey.
Partner with us to start co-creating and delivering additional value together!