Be resilient in pre and post crisis situation

Crisis situations

Companies get stuck in managing unknown uncertainties. This is ineffective, reactive and makes the company prone to surprises. Supply chains are increasingly complex, so how do we ‘remain calm during the storm’? Even in a reactive mode, organizations struggle to gain timely and actionable insights, as well as apply rapid-problem-solving techniques. ‘Planning to succeed’, means developing both a Just-In-Time (JIT) and a Just-In-Case (JIC) resilient delivery systems.


 Typical causes

  • Sequential planning that relies on static legacy ERPs and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Poor data acquisition, people and machines are disconnected and passive.
  • Lacking Lean concepts deployment across the value chain.
  • Lacking the ability to check constraints along the supply chain, and simulate for JIC.


How Digitalsoft approaches the crisis situations

  • d-one digital platform is dynamic and real-time, combining planning and execution end-to-end.
  • d-one’s digital applications come with lean methodologies built-in. Actionable insights from analytics, are accessible at any time and on any device.
  • Production capacity and bottlenecks are tracked across the supply chain, to allow for effective constraints check and modelling.

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We’ve helped numerous clients stop trying to manage unknown-uncertainty, and start managing known-variability. After all, the only constant is change.