Our People: a moment to say thank you

Take 5…. we’d like to tell you all about how our team came together to weather the COVID storm!


As it started to hit our teams across China, Europe & India, our initial reaction was one of concern and anxiety. The team as well as their loved ones, were facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty. But our people proved to be more resilient and resourceful than they thought.

Our diverse teams, united by their expertise and individual talent, demonstrated once again their sense of dedication. Customer remained ‘first’ in everyone’s mind. Our team stayed focused and fully committed in supporting our customers in managing the crisis. Regardless of gender or nationality, our people relied on each other to shine and overcome all challenges.


At Digitalsoft, shared values and organizational capabilities allow us to face such unexpected events. Our Management Operating System, with its daily tiered meetings across the lines of business, helped us execute flawlessly. To help bring our employees together and to keep them updated on news and key initiatives, the all-employees townhalls were moved from monthly to weekly.

Our Company values drive our thoughts and actions. Trust in each other, and our passion continue to guide us. With the market and customers slowing down, we chose to double our speed and focus in order to accelerate products development. It was a courageous choice, but one that we all believed in taking. As the world emerges from the COVID crisis, we feel proud of how much we were able to boost our digital applications and services. This is key for our existing and new customers.


Betting on exceptional people, yields exceptional results. This is what we do.  More than ever, this makes us very proud.

5 minutes may not be enough to fully describe what our teams were able to achieve. However, it does reflect what it means to be a Digitalsoft team member. A strong dynamic team, working in an agile and customer-centric organizational structure. These are the keys to weathering the biggest storms.