Traceability, the key to Supply Chain effectiveness

For many years supply chains have been improved in efficiency and cost control.  We find that across the multiple steps of a supply chain, there is always a solution to yield maximum efficiency and systems that can lead to a minimal cost outcome
Lately, a third requirement has been added to the ‘needs’ list: effectiveness. To obtain these three of them manufacturing companies are now requiring us to improve traceability across the entire supply chain; end-to-end.   

Many are the solutions that bring the promise of providing visibility and traceability across the entire chain.  While end-to-end visibility is a great objective, the rules of service and material flow are clear; customers expect suppliers to meet the expected dates of shipping or delivery. Our customers are focused on their ability to trace finished products, parts, and materials within their supply chains. Whether they are operating a single factory or a network of sites, internal traceability is paramount to their success. 

There are many ERP solutions that can provide visibility and maintain traceability.  In most cases, meeting these objectives can bring the operation to a halt.  Too many checks and balances are needed in the form of material hold/release flags that can consume an entire shift of a materials management department.  Adding to this today is the complexity of system access through handheld and cell phone devices which increases the burden on the materials management resources. 

Digitalsoft designed our d-one Factory module to allow end-to-end visibility through the complete traceability material, traceability of transactions, and traceability of all resources.  This includes operators and even buyers/planners who can execute tasks in the system.    

d-one Factory allows material managers to track and identify goods across all the required dimensions: location, availability, and order status 

Our customers constantly tell us how easy it is to get answers and correct potential material discrepancy issues on our D-One Factory module. 


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