Voice Assistant application in
Supply Chain

The Voice assistant role in the Supply Chain world: applications, technology and benefit.
Voice assistant supply chain
Voice interaction is empowering SIOP platform by providing the ability to ask key info such as revenue forecast, demand variation, order trends.
This is bringing huge improvements to supply chains with significant advantages over conventional approaches, and is suitable to take their place in manufacturing, warehouses, distribution center and all others supply chain elements.

‘Talk to Digitalsoft’

Struggling with having to switch from one digital application to another? Frustrated with wasting time logging into multiple platforms to access data insights? A weak user experience and outdated data will drive employees to make poor decisions. At Digitalsoft, we have reimagined analytics by introducing an AI driven voice-based interaction capability. It goes beyond business analytics and dashboarding and uses a natural language-based voice conversation to enable insight-driven decision making. Business leaders no longer need to compromise and can stay abreast of their end-to-end supply chain activities. As an integral part of our d-one digital application platform, d-one Voice goes through different data sources in real-time to deliver insights directly onto your mobile, desktop or tablet. Managing your supply chain no longer needs to be complex and cumbersome.

So how does ‘Talk to Digitalsoft’ work?

Our voice feature predicts user activities, context, and intent using a combination of machine learning and data science algorithms, to deliver personalized insights. Intelligent dialogue flows are designed to be based on the working framework and supply chain domain.

See the following functions & capabilities:

  1. Supply chain domain specific natural language understanding
  2. Context based dialogue flows
  3. High performance and low latency data access
  4. Adaptive and self-learning
  5. Integrated role-based security to protect sensitive data
voice assistant

‘Talk to Digitalsoft’ Technology Stack

The technology Stack has an array of software components as shown in the below figure for performing the below list of tasks to deliver insights.

  • Converse with user
  • Synthesize speech to text
  • Understand the user intend using NLP
  • Derive context with the help of ML learning
  • Connect with suitable data sources to retrieve insights
  • Convert text to speech to deliver to end user


  • Productivity – Improve efficiency of all stakeholders in your supply chain with voice-based search and information retrieval abilities
  • Accuracy – Obtain instant insights into key KPIs such as demand variation, inventory levels, late/early, phase in and phase out, change in customer orders, production status, shipment, and warehouse data.
  • Result – Reduce time spent on navigating to different IT Tools to make decisions, include less training time than is required for any other conventional systems
  • Culture – As all stake holders are empowered with easy access to insights, it will result in cultural shift to make data driven decisions across organization.
  • Visibility: Voice based conversational insights delivered through multiple channels – mobile, web etc.
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