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Massimo Brattella, Tech Advisor

A chat with our Tech Advisor, Massimo Brattella.
3 questions to deepen approach, ideas and vision of Digitalsoft Leaders on the tech and industrial manufacturing sectors. 

How do you think technology can change the future of manufacturing?  

From Big Data analytics to advanced robotics and 3D printing, manufacturing technologies are driving unprecedented transformation. They enhance operational speed, reduce human intervention, and minimize errors. Robots are becoming cheaper, smarter, and more efficient, automating repetitive tasks and collaborating in assembly, painting, and welding. 

Big Data helps better manage the supply chain, identify potential risks, and ensure improved quality assurance. 3D printing significantly reduces design-to-production times, offers greater flexibility in production, and minimizes waste. 

Drawing from your experience, what are the key strengths of
factory that enable it to effectively address the typical resistance among production operators towards adopting new tools? 

We are all aware of the benefits of digitalization. Introducing new technology into the organization can increase productivity, boost sales, and help leaders make faster and better decisions. 

At Digitalsoft, we employ several strategies to overcome user resistance. For example: 

  • Cast a vision and help people understand why adopting new technology is vital. 
  • Designate champions within teams and empower employees to support each other. 
  • D-ONE screens are developed with a user-friendly UI that simplifies processes and provides real benefits to users. 
  • Establish new routines and ensure they are followed from the beginning. 

To what extent do well-defined processes contribute to facilitating the adoption of digital technologies in the realm of manufacturing production? 

Designing a good process is vital for successful implementation. One common mistake companies make during digital transformation is replicating existing processes without considering potential improvements. 

At Digitalsoft, we always propose processes designed with years of experience, drawing from various business types to optimize operations and increase efficiency.  

This typically involves digitizing and automating existing processes, identifying areas for improvement, and selecting digital tools and technologies for continuous enhancement. In some cases, it may necessitate a business model transformation and cultural/organizational shift.