7° Global Summit Logistics & Manufacturing

20-21 Nov 2019 | Pacengo di Lazise (VR)

Digitalsoft was one of the main exhibitors of 7th Annual GS of Logistics & Manufacturing, annual event dedicated to Business Community inside the world of Logistics & Manufaturing.

Purpose of the summit was to create a business oriented event dedicated to the latest innovations and integrated systems for logistics and manufacturing.

The event proposed a wide range of conferences and workshops focused oriented where various experts had the chance to share their experience and present their solutions. The event provided also one2one meetings, organized through an accurate selection based on companies particular needs, interests, projects and type of business.

Companies and experts here had the opportunity to confront each others to better understand modern scenarios in terms of competitors and trends in this branch. Here they met leader companies in operations and management tools dedicated to drive efficiency and innovation.

This summit gave the opportunity to discover the best solutions, approaches and strategies to be:

  • more efficient in terms of logistic management,
  • more ‘digitized’, in order to be competitive in 4.0 Industry era
  • ready for the continuous evolution that market is pushing to.
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